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Building Custom Furniture in Atlanta 

The design and appreciation of custom furniture is always a matter of personal taste.  Accordingly, we listen very closely to our customers during personal consultations, as they describe their design vision along with the specific requirements or needs for their project.  As with fine custom cabinets and interior woodwork, the materials and construction practices used in custom fine furniture building are equally important to achieving a pleasing outcome and to the overall quality and value of the piece that results.

To help realize the customer’s vision fully, our custom designed furniture is crafted using high quality solid hardwood lumber lumber and proprietary custom finishes.  Most pieces are built using one of the following quality hardwoods: Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Teak, or as requested, more exotic woods such as zebra wood, ebony etc.  As a result, each furniture piece is made to endure and enhance their surroundings for generations.

Georgia Cabinet and Design uses professional woodworking techniques including solid wood frames with mortise and tendon joints, dowel pinning, dovetailing, Miller tru-fit bead lock systems, stainless steel wood screws and hot glue systems, wherever applicable.  These are time honored approaches that are used to help bring to life the elegant lines and accents, panel inlay details, etc., of your design and to ensure the durability and functionality of the finished furniture piece.    
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